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poging tot updaten dukw banden regel systeem.
« Gepost op: mei 22, 2017, 11:32:53 am »
Hoi hier onder een copy paste van een engels forum van een project wat ik nu aan het opstarten ben.
Hi there,

I wanted to make my dukw complete again. as stated in another topic i am missing the airpump and the hubs with the pipes/pline to the hull. the rest i have.

Butafter some research i am not sure if i will be happy with the old ctis. if a line comes of or some fittings are leak you will end up with an flat tire.

so i am looking around for some other possibilities.

this "hub" has 2 lines one for regulating the pressure inside the tire, and a small one to open the tire valve. So if you want to inflate or deflate the tire the little line opens the valve. When you run in to something and a line comes off you don`t have an flat tire.

Ok it looks horribly modern But i think i can camouflage that.

What do you guys think and is there someone with experience in this field?

some pictures of original dukw ctis(not my dukw)