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Vliegen in Normandië met een DC3
« Gepost op: april 09, 2014, 13:58:39 pm »
Mij is gevraagd om dit stukje te plaatsen
Reageren kan naar Joakim Steinweden <>

Fly in a DC-3 over the Beaches of Normandy!

Hello D-Day visitors and WW2 Dodge owners!

After a lot of planning in the last weeks I'm able to invite you now to a pretty nice and exclusive event:

The "WW2 Military Vehicles meet Dakota's event 2014" is a organized tour for WW2 Military Vehicles + the option to make a unique 1 h. flight in a DC-3 along the landing beaches!

The guided tour is starting on the 5th of June at the Dog Green Camp that is located at Vierville-sur-Mer (Omaha Beach) and organized by the UNIVEM MV Club, Paris.
Details on the Camp can be found here:

You will have then two opportunities:

- join our WW2 Military Vehicle convoy and drive with us to the Cherbourg Maupertus Airport to see the largest group of Dakotas in place since WW2.

- in addition to book in for a unique long distance flight with a DC-3 over Normandy!

It's about 90 km from Omaha Beach to the Airport and we have planned to do it relaxed way in a tour with about 2 h. time.

At the Airport you will have the chance to see the largest fleet of C-47 Dakota and DC-3 Aircraft in Europe since the Berlin Airlift in 1948! Invitation's for 20 Aircraft have been sent out and more than 11 will be in place (actually confirmed). - So don't miss this chance if you are in Normandy!

We have to see if we can bring our MV as close as possible to the Dakotas and - hopefully - have the chance for some nice pictures of our MV with the parking Dakotas (that part is not confirmed up to now).

In addition to this convoy tour I could find a DC-3 that will take you to the skies over Normandy for a flight along the costline. This is a unique offer to see the Beaches from a DC-3!
The flight will take you from Cherbourg to Utah Beach, then to the famous Pointe du Hoc and it's coastal battery and then to Omaha Beach. We will circle around the Dog Green Camp and then fly the way back to Cherbourg Airport (if possible via Sainte Mere Eglise).

Our aircraft is the famous Breitling DC-3 from Switzerland, the most exclusive plane of this type in Europe.
All details and pictures can be found here:

Flying time will be approx. 1h or a little bit more, depending on the air traffic on that day.
Price is 300,- Euro p.P. and we are limited to 20 passengers.
Payment has to be made in advance to UNIVEM and there will be a full cash-back in case that we can't fly on that day because of bad weather etc.
UNIVEM is the offical partner for this flight and in charge for reservation, payment etc.

NOTICE: For the booking of the flight is the golden rule "first come - first serve"!

Skyrookie and I will take part in the tour as well as in the flight due to the fact that we are guests of the UNIVEM Camp - so that's why we are able to offer you this unique event.

If anyone is interested in joining us for the tour or want's to book a seat in the DC-3 in addition please contact me via e-mail (please no PM due to limited message space).
I will collect all entries up to the official deadline and hand them over to UNIVEM for the next steps.


CU - hopefully - on the 5th and don't miss this outstanding opportunity!

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